Time Tables Rock Stars App

TTRockstars App is a carefully combined day-school program focused on practice in schools.

Each week focuses on a different program with a recommended weekly combination of test tables performed recently every three weeks.

This format has successfully recalled the moments when hundreds of students have been known in the last five years at the King Solomon Academy, the school where it was founded. It is now used in more than 10 0 schools around the world, in primary and secondary education, for 2 million young and old.

How to Install TTRockstars Application?

This application is available for multiple platforms which makes it really easy for all type of users to enjoy this great application that is developed my Time Tables Rock Stars.

TTRockstars for Android & iPhone

Please follow the given link here to get the application.

Remember to start and play, you must subscribe to the Rock star stars of the time and buy Bolt-on mobile applications.

Features of TTRockstars App:

The TTRockstars app is very easy to use. Once connected, children can play one-minute games to earn tokens and use them to upgrade their own Rock avatar.

  1. According to our homework policy, we expect children to get at least three times a week and practice for 10 minutes to improve their speed and accuracy.
  2. There is also a TT Rock Star application that can be downloaded on phones and tablets to make them as accessible as possible. The site also offers children the opportunity to play against their friends or other children in their annual group.
  3. Each class includes the first session at the school with a number of six-year-olds (who follow the program in the last quarter), showing how to connect and start home games.

Every two weeks, children who have improved their rock status receive a certificate and can find their name in one of the school’s ratings. Evaluations focus on the level of improvement of children over a two-week period, giving all children in each category equal opportunities to reach the top ten.

This is an online program that allows children to learn their desks. Knowledge of all calendar data up to 12×12 remains an important step in children’s mathematical learning and an important outcome in the national curriculum. All children are expected to know all this data by the end of year 4. To help children do that, we buy a tool that will please the children.