Benefits & Features

In this post, we will understand the main benefits and features of TTRockstars.

“As a teacher, I know that the dedication, learning, time and budget of the students are great. In the development of the TTRockstars, I have carefully examined all these aspects.”

Mathematics teachers recognize the basic moments of memory for subsequent success in mathematics education; However, finding ways to practice daily is not always easy.

TT Rock Stars has been used in many schools throughout the UK since 2009, and the opinion is that students and teachers love it. I’m sure everyone appreciates the online version even more! Wrong answers are always corrected before the student, so they combine the correct answer for each question.

In addition, the Smart Code works behind the scenes, presenting the facts in such a way that each student needs more and more time to respond and then, gradually, begins to present these actions more frequently until the students master them. It will also raise problems related to the 20% time allocation to strengthen the situation.

Main Benefits & Features of TTRockstars

Class time is not wasted, we make TTRockstars very fast. When students are connected, they can start a game with a single click.

A simple award gives all teachers and students full access for a year, so you can set the number of “bands” and “band administrators” they want. Maybe you have a band formed by Band Managers.

  1. You can quickly create new accounts by loading a spreadsheet (an arrangement will be available once you have logged in) so that you have control over your usernames and passwords (Prompt: Avoid the problem “I have my password” if you connect them with the exact same username and password as the school’s login)
  2. On the live skis of the Live Rock Festival, students can contest against others from around the world and, even better, they can easily play against all their peers (Sand Rock mode)
  3. Unlike other sites that limit 4 players in a game, TT online rock stars allow many players to participate in a game as they wish.
  4. A quick look at the class statistics page will tell you what time the class needs to practice more. You can also detail and receive the same data as some students.

If you want to know how other schools work in your region, you can also see it. There is a grade that leads to an average dropout and is established in the following 10 schools. Nothing like a healthy little competition!

The site uses a simple and updated code that goes on all browsers, not Flash, which means you do not need the latest Flash plug-in, and it also works on an iPad.