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When it comes to calendars, tables, speed and accuracy are important-most facts about your child. Remember that it is easier for them to make more difficult calculations.

TTRockstars Login is a fun and challenging program designed to help students master the time tables. To be a TTRockstars, you need to answer all multiplication facts up to 12 × 12 in less than 3

Enter play.TTRockstars.com into your internet browser’s address bar. Now Click Login Button, then Select School, and Finally Student. Enter the School Name. Now, enter your child’s username and password.

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Game Modes in TTRockstars.com

There are multiple types on this website.

Single Player


  • The questions come only from the schedules that the teacher for a week.
  • It contains problems of multiplication and sharing.
  • When students begin to answer questions, TT rock stars work with the facts that need more and you will answer more of these questions. The garage is the best to get faster with some facts.
  • Players will receive 10 coins per question.


  • Questions in the study can be from 1 × 1 to 12 × 12.
  • TT rock stars calculate the average response time of its last 10 games in the studio and
  • Translated this time in a rocky state.
  • If you do not touch the studio, you do not have rock status.
  • Players receive 1 piece per question and in the studio, they can determine their best moment at each table.


  • When the sound check is played, receive 20 questions with 5 seconds each limit
  • The questions are just multiplication and the same weight in terms of difficulty
  • It’s time to play. Players win 5 coins per correct answer.


Rock Arena:

  • This allows players to compete with all the other members of their group.
  • (The members of the band must follow the same game to compete with each other).
  • A new game of sands starts every 15 seconds and as soon as the clock starts, they run to answer more questions than others.
  • The professor has set the tables next week, like the garage. You win 1 piece by right answer.

Rock Festival:

  • The Rock Festival games are open to players from around the world.
  • For Arena, there is no limit to the number of players that can participate in a game; Plus Sand, the questions are randomly chosen from 1 × 1 to 12 × 12.
  • Students could choose Rock Festival when they played at home (and therefore not just synchronize the game with a classmate) or do not want to compete with others
  • Your group You get 1 piece per correct answer

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