What to do if someone has access to Account?

To be clear, the person who has spent the money on the other is not a distant anonymous hacker. Instead, the offender could be another child in the same school or even in the same class who enrolled with the victim’s user name and password. This gives him the idea that breach was possible by the child himself, by the teacher (by mistake) or by accident.

How to Determine that your account password is used by someone?

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Children: If someone has spent your money, we are sorry to hear that. The good news is that your teacher recovers your money and changes your password. Don’t even share your password with anyone, even with a friend.

If it was the boy who went into someone else’s account and spent his money, then he must be as bored as the one with the money they spend. A good rock star is an honest rock star, and such behavior is dishonest. They must promise not to do it again and they will feel bad for others who have worked hard to earn that money.

Parents: If you notice that your child is the victim, talk to your child. You can take care of the return. Please talk to your child if you want to share your credentials or actions accordingly.