Is It Okay that My Child’s Name Appears on the Website?

As teachers, parents or business owners of the EDU, we are extremely aware of the safety of children, so to be clear, we take all the serious concerns, but the short answer is yes, it is safe.

This is a longer answer in three parts!

  • The only place with an external accent where you can show a real name is at the end of a festival or sand game.
  • Just because the real name appears at the end of a festival or sand contest, it’s not an immediate risk.
  • After all, beyond the name, there is no way to identify which school they are in or where they are in the world.
  • Literally, no way. So, they can be John Smith, for example, anywhere.
  • In addition, this real name is only visible to the few people who are in the same game.
  • There are no strange people on the site, not even children playing in another game, even if they are sitting next to each other.
  • Only those in the same game who need to connect to be there.

We really feel that it’s not a problem for your child that it’s name appears on the website but even if you are paranoid about this issue then we request you to follow the above-given methods to protect the privacy of your child.

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