Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have provided the detailed Frequently Asked Questions which will help users to understand in a much better way.

My child is unhappy with his avatar. What can we do?

It depends on what you mean here. If you think they have selected a rock name and want the option to be selected again, the teacher can delete the name of the selected rock so that the child can select again next time that they connect.

If you think you have chosen a rock name, they have an avatar that they want to change. The good news is that everyone starts with this avatar, whatever rock name they choose. All they have to do is change your eyes, lips, and hair to suit their tastes.

Did you have a launch presentation?

Yes, on the download page. Here are some additional ideas for a great start in the assembly.

  • Let your staff shake with wigs, inflatable guitars, music and, well.
  • Play Baz Wynter’s video embedded in the PowerPoint launch.
  • Make your own “Sorry, I can not be there” video like this did the Holcombe Brook Elementary School.
  • Get your fastest teacher (not your fastest student yet) to show what’s possible in 60 seconds.
  • Here, you get some students who have already used the site to talk about why learning tables is beneficial and what they like about TTRS.
  • Remember to keep some energy for weekly or regular compilations, wall screens, certificates, etc.
  • A great start is good, but maintaining momentum is more important in the long run.

Can I still choose my rock name?

Ask your teacher to erase your name from the rock so that you can select it again the next time you connect. (Teacher goes to Student Setup, check the box next to the child’s name and click the Reset User button.)

I set up the tables, why do not they work?

Two possible reasons:

You are connected as yourself when you test. Keep in mind that when you enter the tables, only the questions that your children/students receive, not those that you receive, will be affected. You will always answer all questions up to 12 × 12.
The placement of tables only affects children/students when they play in the garage or arena. When they play in the Studio or the Festival, they get questions up to 12 × 12.

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